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Channel Proteomes

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This is your resource for high-quality proteome research data, with a focus on ion channels and other membrane proteins.

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About us

The Institute of Physiology II at the University of Freiburg (Germany) with its long-standing interest in protein-encoded specificity of signal transduction and Logopharm GmbH, a biotechnology company dedicated to development of advanced proteomic and mass spectrometric technology, have joined forces to identify and characterize membrane protein complexes and associated protein networks of particular physiological and pharmacological importance.


In any type of cell, proteins may be assembled into protein complexes and/or form part of extended networks through a multitude of specific protein-protein interactions (PPIs). This structural context determines the cell physiology of the protein (including function, [sub]cellular localization, specific regulation by and coordination with other proteins, biological half-life and pharmacological profile). The identification and characterization of PPIs, termed functional proteomics, is therefore of central importance in biological and medical research as well as for the development of new drugs.

Our proteomic approach is different from current high-throughput technologies in that

It is part of our mission to provide unbiased, comprehensive, and significant proteomic data to the scientific and industrial research community.

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